The House Of Aarden is owned and managed by Steve &Lesley Wright, with support from local fancier Lee Luscombe.

Our aim is to purchase the very best long distance pigeons from the very best lofts in Europe and then provide offspring for sale to the market at affordable prices including racing kits of 6. Originally, we started out with the concept of Jan Aarden pigeons only,¬† hence the name House of Aarden, e.g. De Smaragd, Invincible Spirit, etc, but in recent years have expanded this concept to encompass all strains of long distance pigeons competing and winning in the ultimate pigeon racing challenge … The Barcelona International.

We are constantly refreshing our stock lofts to keep them up to date with the most recent winning lines. So, in recent years we have brought in children direct off Barcelona International winners from Batenburg van de Merwe and also bought the absolute best that Britain has ever produced by purchasing all the principle racers and breeders from Dave and Vince Padfield.

In this past year we have also built up a  super colony of Frans Zwols, Bosman-Leekens, and Willem de Bruijn pigeons.

We run The House Of Aarden very much on a personal level … so please don’t hesitate to call us for more information about the birds that we keep at the HOA.