Perry Liddle

Set in the heart of Bodmin Moor, near Temple, is the House of Aarden, owned by Steve and Lesley Wright. I can only describe, Steve and Lesley as pioneers of the sport of Pigeon Racing; as they have lovingly and skilfully created one of the finest collections of Jan Aarden based pigeons in the world.  The collection, which was heightened in status with the acquisition of the entire flock of the Padfield Family 2018, is regularly supplemented, in line with the House of Aarden Policy, with children from the latest Barcelona International Champions.

As you drive over the cattle grid that guards the long driveway of the House of Aarden, you will see in the distance the magnificent expanse of lofts, that immediately tells you that you have come to exactly the right place to view and buy top quality stock. The lofts, immaculately painted in “House of Aarden Green” as Steve calls it, offer everything that you would wish from a modern professional pigeon stud: beautifully designed with pigeon welfare in mind, floor grills for cleanliness, large aviaries to ensure plenty of fresh air and space, and tastefully added flower baskets to provide a splash of colour and that little ‘je ne sais quoi’.

I tried to line up all of the superlatives that I could think of and couldn’t do the House of Aarden justice! Warm and friendly service, a chance to view and handle some of the greatest Jan Aarden Champions, a pigeon fanciers dream. The legacy of Jan Aarden, safe in the hands of Steve and Lesley, at the House of Aarden.

Perry Liddle.

Gareth Watkins

I have visited the House of Aarden Stud at both the original location in Exeter and at the new location in Cornwall and two things have been apparent. One, the birds housed are of the highest calibre with superb pedigrees and bred off the actual performers or are themselves the actual winners of top prizes in long distance International races. So the breeding is right and the birds themselves are specimens of the highest quality. The second common factor is the fact that the pigeons are housed in outstanding conditions and cared for by a top class fancier whose honesty is without question. What more could anyone ask for?

Mike Staddon

It has been my pleasure to call Steve and Lesley friends of mine for more years than I can remember. What a lot of people don’t know about them is that they were fantastic racers when they lived in Dawlish, South Devon.  So good in fact, the mighty W.E.C.A. tried to get them into a section on their own … some compliment when you look back. I have had the pleasure of racing some of their bloodlines and have been very successful with them. My Tarbes pigeon is direct from Steve’s bloodlines. Steve is one of the best judges of a pigeon that I have ever known, and totally honest.