De Cas 1st International Ace Pigeon!


1st International Barcelona Ace Pigeon 2009 – 2010; 3rd Dutch National Barcelona 2010, 7016 birds; 17th International Barcelona 2010, 25878 birds, 720 mls; 19th Dutch National Barcelona 2009, 8042 birds; 45th International Barcelona 2009, 27669 birds, 720 mls.

We would like to thank Piet de Vogel and his partners for giving us the opportunity to purchase “DE CAS”, who was bred by the famous Aarden loft of Cas de Graaff and raced by Ko van Dommelen, one of the top Jan Aarden lofts in Holland today. DE CAS sits in the hand perfectly and is medium sized and a real character. 

We have a few double-grandchildren of De Cas  prices will start from £100 each.