Padfield’s Blue Badge

Padfield’s Blue Badge, Padfield family.

Direct offspring from Padfield’s Blue Badge will be available from £450 each, with double-grandchildren available for £100 each.



Padfield’s Blue Badge, Padfield family.

The Padfield Family of Cwmtillery have a history of producing exceptional long distance racers but in their long and illustrious career I doubt that even they have produced a better long distance Champion than this blue white-flighted cock which I will refer to as Padfield’s Super Star. This pigeon must be one of the greatest British long distance racers of the modern era. Hyperbole I hear some shout – not a bit of it! It would be difficult to overstate the performances of this great racer – just look at the evidence set out here:-
He has appeared four times in the first 10 in the BICC International races: 1st Gwent Greater Distance Flying Club; 1st West Section, 2nd Open BICC Barcelona International; 1st NFC Single Bird National. He was roughly 330th International from nearly 20,000 pigeons; 1st West Section, 4th Open BICC International Agen; 3rd West Section, 10th Open BICC International Pau; 1st West Section, 2nd Open BICC St Vincent International; 4th Section, 5th Open Welsh South Road National Tarbes. He has flown 550 miles three times, 600 miles four times and 757 miles once. In 2014 the cock was awarded a BICC Certificate of Merit in recognition of his achievement of finishing in the top 15 Open in BICC International races on three occasions, he has now achieved this difficult feat four times. Blue Badge is now on the semi-bull system in his own breeding compartment.