Sumerian Donness

Sumerian Donness, Batenburg van der Merwe.

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Sumerian Donness, Batenburg van der Merwe.

We have been especially fortunate to acquire a son and daughter direct from Sumerian Fighter, the 2017 Barcelona International winner, when paired to a daughter of The Special One (the winner of the 2015 Barcelona International) when he was paired to a daughter of New Laureaat (the 2013 Barcelona International) and Kleine Jade (the 2014 Barcelona International). Four outright Barcelona International winners in the one pedigree.

Sumerian Fighter (previously known as Don Leo):

  • In one of the heaviest Barcelona battles of the last centuries, the iron man than left over 17,000 competitors behind was the outstanding NL10-3025405 … now called Sumerian Fighter as his iron perseverance and golden quality genes form a deadly combination. Sumerian Fighter had already won 1st NPO & 13th National Dax in 2014 during an impressive racing career. Sumerian Fighter is from the finest old Jan Aarden genes, bred by Leon Roks from pigeons of mainly Leo Kouters origin … from lines of base breeder Huibje and the wonderful Perpignan, winner 40th & 75th National Perpignan.

The Special One:

New Laureaat:

Kleine Jade: